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Sell your FFXIV account today!

Do you really want to learn this? Be ready and strong enough to tolerate the truth that it is a really a bad idea that you are pondering on! Aww… don’t be sad! You have option apart from these two business deals. Be happy! There is no point making a dull face and annoying others!


Wait and give me a chance to speak. Hopefully, after I finish saying, I will be able to answer your entire question without you having to ask me the same. Remember, the last time you gave your favorite Bryan Adams DVD to your friend? Ya… you face has something to say buddy! Let me guess, that was really frustrating and hopefully you did not get it back till date! So, what is your Pal saying? He lost it! Ok, that sounds bad! Poor fellow, I hope you will not trust your friend when it comes to sharing and especially when it comes to business.


Try to remember those hard and frustrating times when you spent hundreds of hours in an attempt to earn gills and finally when you succeeded you were able to get some most of the powerful weapons and build up an inventory that can make even a real army jealous of you! It is true my dear that, you have to take a lot of pain to earn that level of skills and points so that you can equip the characters with the arms of your choice. Not surprising, they were costly and you had to spend millions of gills before you could send the characters on costly and luxurious expeditions in the various cities. Now, what if you sell the account to your friend and he says, ‘dude, I heard of an arm which I don’t see in the inventory that you built up! Why shall I pay you more when all that I wanted is not there?’ Aha! That is probably not a matter to be happy about! And, if I am correct, you are boiling from inside and finally you will agree to take lesser amount of money because you don’t have what your friend wants! On top of that, how would you feel if the friend of yours ensures that you get the money after several months! That is surely not going to solve your purpose.


Ok, now consider the stranger. Do you know him or her? Obviously no otherwise, why would you call that person, a stranger? Suppose you give your ffxiv account to that stranger and he or she runs away to the river Styx without paying you! How will you find that person and can you get the money from him or her?


What are you waiting for? Be quick to give the answer, ‘no’! So, if you are planning or you had planned to sell you account to a friend or a stranger, drop the idea. It is not a very bright one. Hello! I said you not to make your face like a peanut! You still have option to make some money out of the millionaire character that you have built after spending long hours with the game! Ok, before I tell you about the secured way of earning money, it is important to make you aware of yet another danger! The auction sites! Try to avoid them. This is because your task becomes even more difficult. What if the buyer eventually does not buy after winning the bid? Will you like to go through the auction all over again? Probably no! What if the buyer wins the bid and starts using the account but does not pay at time? Not very feasible, right? So, avoid the auction sites in a plea to avoid outright scam. The best thing that you can do to get some real cash from your FFXIV character is to sell it through professional stores. The chances of getting cheated are minimal. People out there will compare and then buy the accounts and you can get the money instantly. What do these professional stores do? These stores sell different kinds of accounts like the EVE account, WOW accounts, FFXIV accounts and many more! The Final Fantasy XIV account takes time to be built and you need to be very careful when you are selling your FFXIV accounts!